Zach Weeks: audio engineering services

ZACH WEEKS: audio engineering services

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based in Salem, Massachusetts | contact:


Hello, my name is Zach. I have been working professionally as an audio engineer for well over ten years with recording and/or mastering credits on over 400 releases.

Since mid-2018, my primary focus has been working as Staff Engineer with Kurt Ballou at God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts.


I am excited to announce that I am now an Apple-approved Apple Digital Masters (previously known as Mastered for iTunes) provider as of 2020! You can click here for more details about my ADM services.

I have been mastering records professionally since 2011, touching upon albums of any and all genres anywhere from top 40 pop to grindcore. In general, there are no projects too small nor too large for me to take on and I always aim to offer my services at affordable prices.
In the mastering stage, a lot can be achieved beyond shaping the final sound of the audio recording in question. Thus, I strive to produce a master recording which not only 100% meets the desired results and expectations of the client, but also serves as a timeless representation of the project to their exact specifications.

My mastering services include (but are not limited to):

  • Standard digital mastering
  • Apple Digital Masters (previously known as Mastered for iTunes)
  • Digital mastering specifically optimized for streaming services
  • Vinyl-sides pre-mastering optimized for record pressing
  • Pre-mastering optimized for other analog audio formats
  • Stem mastering
  • DDP CD mastering (for CD duplication)
  • Audio mastering for video and film
  • Mastering from 1/4" or 1/2" reel to reel
  • Restoration, transfer, and re-mastering of audio recordings from various sources (cassette tape, DAT, open reet)

...among other solutions.

Engineering and Mixing:

Though my assumed forte is usually in the field of mastering, I have somewhat shifted my focus to engineering, mixing, and producing larger-scale recording projects as of 2022. I love working with new clients and helping them succeed in accomplishing the vision that they have for their recorded material.

If you would like to make a record together at God City (or elsewhere), please send me an email about your project and we can discuss the creative process, options, schedule, and any other goals.
Rates for booking God City are listed here on our website.

Booking & Rates:

For any and all inquiries, please email me directly at with information about your project.

BOOKING UPDATES: My books are CLOSED as of Winter 2023. My books will re-open again for recording, mixing, and/or mastering starting in late March 2024 onward, so feel free to reach out about your future project at any time.

I am typically booking out mastering projects four to six weeks in advance, mixing projects five to eight weeks in advance, and recording projects at God City two to four months in advance.

You can find a breakdown of my mastering & mixing rates on this page. Feel free to check that out and then contact me with details about your record, budget, and what you're aiming to accomplish and we can figure out pricing based upon what you are trying to do with the project as a whole.

Additional Endeavors:

I repair and restore vintage guitar amplifiers (and other audio equipment) in my free time and I have my own brand of audio electronics under the name Epicurean Shoppe and have a dedicated website for that.

I have started releasing my own custom audio tools including convolution reverb impulse responses, guitar cab captures, and more. I have made many of these available for free download from my webstore.

As a musician, I've performed and written with Cerce, Animal Flag, and The Armed in recent years. I have a more detailed account of my engineering history written here if you wish to know more about me and my background.

A Highlight of Recent Projects (last updated: Fall 2023):

select examples of mixing & engineering:

oldsoul - Education on Earth
Produced, engineered, and mixed. Counter Intuitive Records, 2023.

The Infinity Ring - Nemesis & Nativity
Produced, engineered, and mixed. Profound Lore, 2023.

New Forms - As Dust Collects
Engineered and mixed. Zegama Beach Records, 2023. 2023.

Cape Crush - San Souci
Produced, engineered, and mixed. Ancient Injury, 2023.

Supercurse - Great Wide Empty
Engineered and mixed. 2023.

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean - I Tried Catching You But You Fell Through Me
Engineered and mixed. 2023.

Euclid C Finder - The Mirror, My Weapon, I Love You
Engineered and mixed. Dark Trail Records, 2023.

Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold - Phantasmagorialand
Mixed and mastered. Refresh Records, 2022.

The Armed - ULTRAPOP: Live at the Masonic
Produced and mixed. Sargent House, 2022.

Fuming Mouth - Beyond the Tomb
Engineered and mixed. Nuclear Blast, 2021.

Cave In - Heavy Pendulum
Asst. engineered and asst. mixed. Relapse Records, 2022.

The Armed - Perfect Saviors
Co-engineered and addt. production. Sargent House, 2023.

select examples of mastering:

REZN - Solace
Mastered. 2023.

Acid King - Beyond Vision
Mastered. Blues Funeral Recordings, 2023.

Kind Being - All the When and Then
Mastered. 2023.

Thanatropics - Manifold Dark Matter
Mastered. SPL, 2023.

Raavi - no bodies
Mastered. Hardly Art, 2022.

Into It. Over It. & Hikes - Reciprocity
Mastered. Storm Chasers Ltd., 2022.

Really From - Really From
Mastered. Topshelf Records, 2021.

Mercet - VIMS
Mastered. 2021.

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